Italian Gardens: a Cultural History

Italian Gardens: a Cultural History
by Helena Attlee, with photographs by Alex Ramsay (Frances Lincoln Ltd)

A fascinating account of the development of Italian horticulture from the late middle ages to the present day. Brilliantly illustrated. (Art Book)

One of the best, if not the best to date ... unusually luxurious to handle ... this book is an essential read for any garden lover and should inspire an appreciation of gardens as an important part of Italian culture. -- Judith Tankard (Hortus)

Ms Attlee's breadth of research is impressive and she's adept at tying gardens and horticulture into the wider world of Renaissance and Baroque learning, taste, literature and visual arts. Stunning modern photographs by Alex Ramsay are interspersed with high quality reproductions of contemporary paintings, sculptures and books (
Historic Gardens Review)